LoRin was established based on a vision to improve life by
solving the sustainability challenges on planet earth

The company’s mission is to harness

  • IoT
  • Technologies
  • Strategic Partnerships

to deliver solutions for the most pressing challenges
that threaten the sustainability of our planet.

from air pollution and climate control to food or water shortages,
recycling & waste management, to fire detection & prevention

The digital era has brought technology and IoT
solutions to the forefront of our lives.

It has increased the demand for solutions that are easy-
to-deploy, operate and maintain, as well as our
expectations for positive, carefree / hassle-free
experiences that will improve our lives.

In addition it has raised the understanding that
technology must be harnessed to support the
environment and overall global sustainability.

We fully understand the budgetary and communication network
infrastructure challenges in many parts of the world.

Our in-depth understanding of IoT and technologies, coupled with
our international partnerships, expertise and unique methodologies,
enable us to deliver optimal solutions based on:

Integration of the most cost-effective and suitable communication network infrastructures, designed to connect IoT sensors and systems to the internet

Very cost-effective network deployment

Wide range of customized IoT sensors & solutions to meet every challenge

Our commitment to harnessing technology for the betterment of mankind

What is LoRaWAN?



We design and customize solutions to meet customer challenges and facilitate data-driven decisions.

Based on our in-depth understanding of technologies and flexibility to deliver generic and customized IoT solutions, they include prediction and forecasting capabilities to enable actions before it’s too late.

They also support the entire solution Lifecycle, from planning and deployment to optimization, training and maintenance.

Technology, Expertise & Partnerships

Our dynamic scope of solutions for an extensive range of industries is based on communication network infrastructures – particularly LoRaWAN, a LPWAN protocol designed to connect IoT sensors and solutions to the internet in regional, national or global networks.

And our partnerships with leading communication network providers enable us to deliver the most costeffective leven free-of-charge) network deployments.


We offer a fundamentally different approach to problem solving, based on:

Listening to your challenges
Understanding your needs
Developing an appropriate solution
Supporting the solution deployment, training, operation and maintenance
Implementing the same solution in other applications/industries

Passion &

We care about your needs, are passionate about improving sustainability, and have the imagination necessary to create a solution for any challenge.

The top-level professionalism and ingenuity that we bring to every project is an integral part of our commitment to harnessing technology to improve life.


Talis Talor CEO & Co-Founder

Mário Costa COO

Eric Chapnik Project Manager

Paula Barroso Financial Director

Meirav Markevitz Head of Business Development

Hugo Tavares Chief Planner

David Costa CRM

Luís Tavares IT Director

Margarida Salvador Design & Creative Planning

Mariana Salvador Social Media Manager

Oleksandr Yasinskiy Project Manager

Ricardo Contreras Sales Manager